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Title Publication Date Author Material Type LC Class Location Library
Close encounters : essays on Russian literature 2013. Jackson, Robert Louis. Book PG Online Snell Library
Cloud migration vs. cloud native : considerations for migrating to the cloud [2018] Garrison, Justin Book QA Online Snell Library
Cloud native development patterns and best practices : practical architectural patterns for building modern, distributed cloud-native systems 2018. Gilbert, John Book QA Online Snell Library
Cloud-native applications in Java : build microservice-based cloud-native applications that dynamically scale 2018. Sharma, Sourabh Book QA Online Snell Library
Coco [2018] DVD PN The Hub Snell Library
Cold pastoral : poems 2017. Dunham, Rebecca, 1973- Book PS Online Snell Library
Cold War stories : British dystopian fiction, 1945-1990 [2017] Hammond, Andrew, 1967- Book PR Online Snell Library
Collaboration : individuals working together [2018] Davis, Jennifer Book QA Online Snell Library
Collected novels & poems : Train whistle guitar ; The spyglass tree ; The seven league boots ; The magic keys ; Poems [2018] Murray, Albert Book PS Stacks Snell Library
Colloquium: Function and significance of African negro art in the life of the people and for the people, March 30-April 8, 1966. [1968] Colloquium on Negro Art Dakar, Senegal) (1966 : Book NX Stacks Snell Library
Collusion, local governments and development in China : a reflection on the China model [2017] Nie, Huihua Book HD Online Snell Library
Colonial suspects : suspicion, imperial rule, and colonial society in interwar French West Africa 2018. Keller, Kathleen A. Book JQ Online Snell Library
Colonialism in Greenland : tradition, governance and legacy [2017] Rud, Søren. Book G Online Snell Library
A colony in a nation [2018] Hayes, Christopher, 1979- Book HV Stacks Snell Library
The color of crime ©2009. Russell-Brown, Katheryn, 1961- Book HV Online Snell Library
Colour design : theories and applications [2017] Book NK Online Snell Library
The Columbia guide to the Vietnam War ©2002. Anderson, David L., 1946- Book DS Online Snell Library
Combinatorial algebraic geometry : selected papers from the 2016 Apprenticeship Program 2017. Book QA Online Snell Library
Combinatorial and additive number theory II : CANT, New York, NY, USA, 2015 and 2016 2017. CANT (Workshop) New York, N.Y.) (2015 : Book QA Online Snell Library
Combinatorial set theory : with a gentle introduction to forcing [2017] Halbeisen, Lorenz J. Book QA Online Snell Library
Combustion engines : an introduction to their design, performance, and selection 2016. Gupta, Aman, 1985- Book TJ Online Snell Library
Comic performance in Pakistan : the Bhānd [2017] Pamment, Claire Book PN Online Snell Library
Comic Venus : women and comedy in American silent film [2018] Wagner, Kristen Anderson Book PN Online Snell Library
Commemoration and oblivion in royalist print culture, 1658-1667 [2017] Peters, Erin Book DA Online Snell Library
Commentary on IET wiring regulations, 17th edition : BS 7671 : 2008+A3 : 2015 : requirements for electrical installations [2017] Cook, Paul, 1943- Book TK Online Snell Library
Communicating genetics visualisations and representations c2017. Yu, Han, 1980- Book QH Online Snell Library
COMMUNITIES IN TRANSITION 2017. DIETZ, SOREN. Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Community custodians of popular music's past : a DIY approach to heritage 2018. Baker, Sarah, 1977- Book ML Online Snell Library
A companion to Andrei Platonov's the foundation pit 2009. Seifrid, Thomas. Book PG Online Snell Library
The company of wolves 2017. Gracey, James Book PN Online Snell Library
Comparative literature and the historical imaginary : reading Conrad, Weiss, Sebald [2017] Kaakinen, Kaisa Book PN Online Snell Library
Comparative Theology Among Multiple Modernities : Cultivating Phenomenological Imagination 2017. Chung, Paul S. Book BL Online Snell Library
Competence based education and training (CBET) and the end of human learning : the existential threat of competency [2017] Preston, John Book LC Online Snell Library
The complete gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt 2017. Wilkinson, Richard H. Book BL Stacks Snell Library
Complex network analysis in Python : recognize - construct - visualize - analyze - interpret [2018] Zinoviev, Dmitry Book QA Online Snell Library
Composing for the screen in Germany and the USSR : cultural politics and propaganda ©2008. Book ML Online Snell Library
Composite materials handbook. [2017] Book TA Online Snell Library
A comprehensive guide to toxicology in nonclinical drug development [2016] Book RA Online Snell Library
Compressed sensing and its applications : second International MATHEON Conference 2015 2017. International MATHEON Conference on Compressed Sensing and its Applications Berlin, Germany) 2015 : (2nd : Book TK Online Snell Library
Computational models of brain and behavior 2018. Book QP Online Snell Library
Computer networking problems and solutions : an innovative approach to building resilient, modern networks [2018] White, Russ Book TK Online Snell Library
Computerized Adaptive and Multistage Testing with R : Using Packages catR and mstR 2017. Magis, David Book Unknown Online Snell Library
Comrades a local history of the Black Panther Party ©2007. Book E Online Snell Library
The concept of truth in international relations theory : critical thought beyond post-positivism [2017] Fluck, Matthew Book JZ Online Snell Library
The concerned women of Buduburam : refugee activists and humanitarian dilemmas 2015. Holzer, Elizabeth Book HV Online Snell Library
Conciliatory democracy : from deliberation toward a new politics of disagreement [2017] Ebeling, Martin Book JC Online Snell Library
Concise encyclopedia of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis : history, theory, technology, and products [2017] Book TP Online Snell Library
Concise guide to child and adolescent psychiatry [2018] Dulcan, Mina K. Book RJ Online Snell Library
The confidence game : why we fall for It ... every time 2016. Konnikova, Maria. Book HV Online Snell Library